Hello, my name is James Elmslie, and I am a craftsman and researcher producing handmade reproductions of historical weapons and civilian cutlery for collectors, re-enactors, and museums. The majority of my work focuses on re-creating objects from the high medieval and renaissance ages of Western and central Europe, with some works for the Anglo-Saxon and Viking ages.

As a historical researcher, I have undertaken studies of the single-edged military and civilian edged weapons of medieval and renaissance Europe, a work which is ongoing, but which has already been presented both in academic conferences and in museum publications. It is my intention to publish further research in the future, and excerpts from my work may be presented in the “research” section of this site occasionally.

All items displayed in the small gallery of work are hand-crafted, normally produced with traditional tools, much as they would have been at the time such objects were originally made. I work to create replicas that capture the look, feel, artistic decoration and traditional crafts skills utilised by generations of smiths, wood and leather-workers historically, with the subtle irregularities of handmade objects, rather than relying on sterile modern computer-controlled machinery.

If you are looking for a piece of work, my “For Sale” section shows a small selection of objects and items available for immediate purchase, and I am more than happy to discuss the production of items to order, through my contact page.