13-15th Century eating knives

Further examples of eating knives, from top to bottom:

1: Later 15th Century eating knife based on an archaeological find in Saint Albans’, England, in O1 tool steel, Latten bolster, end-cap and pins with English cherry fruitwood scales.

2: Mid 14th - early 15th C knife based on an example in a private collection. EN45 carbon steel, Holly wood grip, bronze pins and bolster plates. Scarlet veg-tanned leather sheath decorated with line and dot punching.

3: Early 14th Century eating knife based the London Bankside excavations, ground in EN45 steel. Whittle Tang handle in European Boxwood with latten bolster plate. Natural veg-tanned sheath with patterns based on surviving examples from the Museum of London.

4: Mid-13th to early 14th century clipped-point eating knife, based on the Museum of London catalogue example TL74 [415] (Cowgill, 1987). Blade forged in EN45 with decorative lines graved on the blade flat and spine. Three-piece composite whittle tang in polished black horn and white holly, and black vegetable-tanned leather sheath.