15th Century German Rondel Dagger

A late 15th Century Rondel dagger with a blade of triangular cross-section O1 steel, ground and forge-worked to shape. The blade is mounted to an asymmetric octagonal lower guard, a symmetrical octagonal upper guard with lobate pein block of blacked steel, and a grip of burgundy leather over a beechwood core.

The heavily tooled double-layer vegetable tanned leather sheath has been finished with a 2-piece sterling silver chape based on historical construction methods - a cast front with a hammered silver sheet soldered to it for the back face. Lacing aiglets are hand-rolled from sterling silver.

Proportions are based on an example from the Legersmuseum, Delft.
Overall Length: 349mm
Blade Length: 282mm
Overall Weight: 320g