14th century quillon or 'Anelace' dagger

An English antenna-hilted quillon dagger, sometimes called an "Anelace" or "Aunlaz" dagger, based on studies of Royal Armouries x.1302, a dagger of this type dated to the mid-14th Century and recorded as a find from Tooley Street, London.

Blade of EN42j carbon steel, Hilt of hand-forged and blacked steel with sterling silver rivet decoration filling the centre of each scroll, a tapering square pein block, and grip of beech wood and vegetable-tanned leather.

The sheath is hand-sewn from two layers of leather in 14th century fashion, with stamping and carving covering the vegetable-tanned cow hide. The twisting vine or rose decoration with details picked out in a red oxide paint is based on an extant example of painted leather (Museum of London ID #13457).

Blade length is 225mm. (Original is 219mm, and I think continued for about 6-7mm more.)
Overall Length is 325mm, with the grip itself being 73mm long.
Width across the crossguard is 53mm.
Weight: 195g.