15th Century paternosters.

A range of examples of 15th century paternoster rosaries with precious gemstone beads. Examples of this style of rosary or paternoster are found throughout the 15th century, and continue in use into the mid-16th century. While linear paternosters seem to have been used by men regularly, these looped paternosters are used by both men and women in roughly equal measure.

These examples:
#1, #2: A quartz crystal paternoster, consisting of 50 gemstones in groups of 10, separated by genuine hand-made Venetian crimson and gold Murano glass gauds.

#3: Bohemian black glass, Onyx, and ethically sourced bamboo Coral. (substitute for endangered red coral).

#4: Smokey Quartz, Malachite with green silk tassel.