Oakeshott Type XV, 1400-1410

A small arming sword of Oakeshott's type XV, roughly dated to about 1400-1410, in a French or German style, which was made as an experiment in creating geometric proportioned design from Swedish swordsmith Peter Johnsson's hypothesis.

A full discussion on the subject of the hypothesis of geometrical construction in medieval arms will be placed shortly in the "research" section.

Blade of EN45 carbon steel, hilt components of modern mild steel. Grip of vegetable tanned leather.

Overall length, 935mm (36 3/4" )
Blade Length: 740mm (29 1/4" )
Cross width 185mm ( 7 3/16" )
Weight: 970g (2.1lbs)
Point of Balance: 85mm ( 3 1/2")