15th century Rosaries or paternoster.

Four looped rosaries or paternoster, fashionable among the higher social classes in most of Western Europe from the late 14th century to early 16th century.

The first example consists of 50 black onyx beads, inter-spaced with gilded bronze seed beads, and genuine Italian Murano glass and gold gaud beads. It is finished with a handmade ebony cross.

Second, is a paternoster of 50 crystal beads, with red coral gaud beads (ethically sourced dyed bamboo coral, as a substitute for endangered red coral), and a crystal droplet bead and red tassel.

The third example consists of 50 crystal beads, five genuine Italian Murano glass and gold gaud beads, and a red tassel.

Each comes in a presentation box and velvet drawstring bag.